28 Nov 2016

Bath Bombs

A stone's throw (or a 30 min train ride) from Bristol lies the beautiful township of Bath! Bath is most well-known for, duh, its Roman Baths. Since Sheri and I had so many days to kill in Bristol, we decided to take a day trip there! 

Bath Cathedral in all its full glory
We visited the Bath Abbey after a slight (random) downpour, and while we were about to leave, we spotted a rooftop climb of the abbey at the gift shop. 

"Go for it", whispered the voice inside my head. 

300 plus steps and many claustrophobic moments later, we reached the rooftop and was awarded with pretty astounding views of the surroundings. That marked the first tower climb we did on exchange... and trust me there were many more to come when we travelled to Italy in the following week.
The Roman Baths, imo, were pretty overrated. Worth a visit, but I would not pay that much to go back in again. 

The exhibits were quite amusing though, as there were some exhibits whereby there were faces of personalized cartoon characters on the wall, and you could key in their audio guide codes into your (free) audio guide, and they would tell you their own Roman empire living-stories in their own accents. It was quite hilarious and entertaining to listen to while just seeing ruins and stones and ruins and stones (repeat process for 30 mins).
We asked Sheri's Grand Aunt what's there to do and eat in Bath, and she highly recommended this "Sally Lunn Buns". Before I went, I was wondering how good can buns even get. But boy, I was so wrong.

The semi-sweet buns were buttered with creamy butter, and there was a wide array of toppings, sweet and savoury, to choose from. I opted for the smoked salmon and cheese. YUM. 

Apart from the food, there are plain buns available on the spot for takeaway. There is even a mini museum in the basement of the house explaining the history of the place. Make sure you look out for the "Faggot Oven"! 

Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House
4 North Parade Passage
Bath BA1 1NX
Opening Hours: 
Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm.
Sundays 10am – 6pm

Pulteney Bridge
We ended our day with a mini picnic at the lawn in front of the Royal Crescent. It is typical of the British architectural style to have these terraced houses laid out in a neat row, and in this case, a crescent! Sheri's aunt made us some freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, so it was the right moment to bring it out and enjoy it while taking in the last views in Bath.

I remembered wanting to spend 2D1N in Bath but Sheri's aunt dissuaded us from doing so as she said "There isn't much to see there!". Yes and no, but we were kinda thankful that we didn't spend 2D1N there as there was not enough to see! All in all, Bath is a perfect destination for a day trip, and no more. AHHHHH I'M FINALLY DONE WITH THIS POST AFTER SITTING ON IT FOR MONTHS ok stop being such a lazy sloth MR. Till the next post~



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