29 Sept 2014

Missing Korea

Welcome to my last installation of the whole series of posts on my May Korea Trip. I'm kinda glad/sad that this is the FINAL post because it just reminds me that my 1 year 8 mth break is really far away from me now, and it is never coming back again anymore. Ever. Glad because I finally finished editing. Actually I have no idea what I'm saying.... But I guess I just really miss my time overseas very much and I really can't wait to take a plane out of Singapore again. Like to anywhere, even to Sentosa works too. Just.... bring me away from the prison of NTU.

So the final few days in Korea brought us to Haedong Yonggungsa, which means Haedong Yonggung Temple, as "sa" means 寺, which means temple or monastery. This temple is situated next to the ocean to the north-east of Busan City, and its just 15 mins cab ride away from our apartment at Haeundae! It is the ideal place to go to if you just want to escape from the city, or even escape from life. Looking at the ocean just seems really therapeutic to me now.......

Ok you can sense my stress level currently in college.

So after the temple we headed back to Seoul via KTX and had a lovely bento set on the train for lunch! The second last evening was spent at Myeongdong eating our favourite dosirak (again) and then we headed up to Namsan. The walk up to the cable car stop was not THAT bad as what people warned me about, but the path was really dark... and pretty unsafe for three girls to walk in after the sun sets.

They say that the best time to be at Namsan is at dusk, and indeed I got what they mean. We ascended to the peak at the time where the sun was setting and we managed to catch the partial sunset on the cable car. Though the weather that day was bit foggy, the sky was still a beautiful shade of magenta and provided a good backdrop for Bukhansan and the entire Seoul city. We went up there and got distracted by the street artists who offered to draw our portraits for 30,000 won if I'm not wrong. By the time we got up to the observatory it was close to like, 8.30 p.m. and we could see the entire Seoul city illuminated. Hmmmmmm, the outdoor area (which is free) offered the same views as the observatory so I would not say that the trip to the observatory was entirely worth it.....?

The last day of the trip was spent repacking and becoming fearful of excess baggage charges. But I can assure you guys we made it home though with empty pockets, in one piece.

It's recess week finally, but I'm here in the 3D lab doing my 2D research S I G H.