20 May 2013


Hi guys. After all that talking and pestering and thinking and pondering for the past.... I don't even know how many years it has been... I've finally created a lifestyle blog to introduce the good things/blessings in life to all of you! Good things in my life that is... and occasional ramblings.

Life hasn't been very nice to me this year as I did pretty badly for my A's so currently I'm studying for my retakes. Oh well even if I said here, "I tried alright?" you wouldn't even believe me so I don't see the point of writing this here.... But those who were there seeing me struggle would know what I went through... MOVING ON!

I'm currently still singing, in the ACJC Alumni Choir. I'm really really happy to be part of them even though I'm really, most of the time pretty awkward and quiet. And 2 June is our concert!!!!!!! So please do come and for those who ARE coming to watch us, thank you so much for supporting us on our 25th year in singing and blessing all our audiences and just anyone and everyone who heard us sing before. Be it people who come down to Esplanade for An Evening With Friends, or just those annoying little children coming to the sports complex for swimming lessons who try screeching high notes when they hear us having rehearsals at the HR every Saturday.

So yeah, do watch this space if you want to read food reviews, travel reviews, movie reviews (If I ever do watch a movie sigh), drama reviews e.t.c. I PROMISE IT WILL BE EXCITING.

Signing off,