9 Aug 2015

The Nordic Nomad: Trips Out Of Copenhagen

#1 - Roskilde Cathedral 

A super good example of a Romanesque Church. Thick walls, dark interiors, curved windows, Michael Walsh would be proud of me. This place is about 30-40 mins away from Copenhagen Airport!

#2 - Viking Ship Museum

I would not recommend you to explore the museum if you are not interested in any of the Viking culture. But this is an extremely good place to chill out on a weekend, watching the yachts go by while eating excellent sorbet from a shop by the docks. 

#3 - Frederiksborg Castle

One of the prettiest castles I've visited and they are so kind, they allow photos (without flash of course). If the interior has not charmed you enough, there is a whole section that exhibits all the gowns that the previous and current royals have donned before. The collection of paintings in this one castle is impressive and I had such a great time admiring all of them. Make sure to join a guided tour!

#4 - Kronborg

This is the castle that has been immortalised as Elsinore in the popular Shakespearean play, Hamlet. If there's a chance I would go in for a visit, but I did not do so this time due to time constraints. However, the coastal walk by the Baltic Sea is free of charge and I think it would be a perfect place for a picnic on weekends!