30 May 2015

Hong Kong - Australia Dairy Co.

How can simple fare taste so good?????????????????? YOU WILL FIND YOUR ANSWER AT AUSTRALIA DAIRY CO. The four ratchets went to have it on a weekday at around 9.45 am? We did not have to wake up too early for it as we lived a station away, and the diner was really near to the MTR!

It would be more worth it to have the “早餐“ than the “快餐” as it is just HKD6 (~ SGD 1) more for a plate of toast and scrambled eggs. I was pretty dumb to give that a miss >.> Both the Macaroni and Ham Soup and the Scrambled Eggs + Toast are incredibly good for an uncostly price of HKD38 (bit more than SGD 6) where tea or coffee is also included in the package!

While you are there, do also try the Milk Custard steamed with Egg White (蛋白炖鲜奶). We had the cold one for HKD 26 (~ SGD 4). Pretty decent but you might want to just order one to share as the breakfast set is extremely filling.

When we left at close to 11am, there was a really long queue that went 3-4 shopfronts down the street, so do come early! And btw, Australia Dairy Co. does not really have a clean restroom so if you want a clean one, do visit the restroom in Macdonalds around 5-7 minutes walk from the diner! (no other blogger will be so kind to tell you where is the nearest cleanest toilet)

Australia Dairy Company
47 Parkes St
Hong Kong

0730 - 2330 from Mon-Wed, Fri-Sun, closed on Thursdays.

*exit at C2 from Jordan MTR

Hong Kong - Dim Dim Sum (點點心)

As some of you would've known, I visited HK with my fellow ratchet friends from University a week after our exams ended to chiongsua all the food and shopping there (bankai x10000). Our first meal in HK happens to be at Dim Dim Sum (點點心) at Mong Kok, since it is around 10-15 minutes walk from our Airbnb apartment!

We ordered the Chee Cheong Fun with bbq pork in it and I must say, that this place serves the best Chee Cheong Fun I ever had in my ENTIRE life. No joke. The soya sauce really binds the entire dish together.

Pighead Egg Custard Buns (Liu Sha Bao) is alright, I would not say it's the best I've ever had. But it is one of those foods like the panda buns at River Safari back in Singapore or your llaollao froyo, which I call "Instagram Food" = Presentable but not really that impressive by taste. 

I still find the idea of eating Chicken feet gross, like imagine all the chicken poop, worms and dirt that this Chicken had trampled on before it died and got served as a dish on your table. #justsaying But my friends who ate it said it was not bad, so if you're a fan of it.... you can try the chicken feet here!

Crystal buns and Fried Wasabi Prawn Balls (below) were pretty decent and worth every cent. But the best dimsum I had that day apart from the Chee Cheong Fun was the Har Kau. I think only my mum knows, that my favourite dimsum is the Har Kau. I can eat like an entire meal of just harkau and still feel happy. According to the pros, what makes a good har kau is not only just the freshness of the prawns, but also the thickness of the translucent skin. The skin of the Har Kau must not break after steaming and when you lift it up from the steaming baskets. The Har Kau at Dim Dim Sum was not those cheapo har kau that uses pathetic small prawns, but big, sweet and juicy prawns with a skin that had adequate thickness that did not tear when I lifted it up. Thumbs up to the chef!

Give this coconut and corn dessert a miss. Though it was an interesting mix, we were not really impressed by it.

It is always good to go to Hong Kong with a group of friends, I would suggest 3-4 friends as it really comes in helpful when you want to sample lots of food at an eatery. The bill for this meal came up to around SGD8 per person and for the portion each of us ate, it was really worth it and much cheaper than what we have to usually pay for dimsum back home in Singapore. Each steamed basket's price range went from less than SGD 1 to around SGD 2.

Dim Dim Sum is a good place to have lunch at if you are in the vicinity of Mong Kok, and here's how to get there!

Dim Dim Sum
112 Tung Choi Street
Mong Kok
Hong Kong

11:00 to 02:00 daily.

*it is a really small shop, hence its hard to miss so do look very carefully for it!