19 Jun 2013

Cafe Hopping in Taipei Part II: Dazzling Cafe

Our awesome Taiwanese tour guide brought us to Dazzling Cafe on the second day of our Taiwan tour since most of us didn't meet the age limits for Baby Boss (suited for 3 to 15 years old). At first, I thought he would bring us to some random, average cafe by the street but I have never expected the cafe he mentioned to be Dazzling Cafe! 

Dazzling Cafe is actually owned by this young female tycoon in Taiwan named Aimee Sun. Basically she owns this shopping centre called Breeze Centre, and Dazzling Cafe Deluxe is located in this shopping centre. There is still another branch nearby Da'an District, which means it is a stone's throw away from Agnes b cafe. As what our tour guide introduced, the cafe is famous for its honey toast. To the afternoon tea/brunch lovers who have a sweet tooth, this place is definitely the place to go to!

Mum ordered a Raspberry Frappe, while I asked for a cup of cafe mocha. The raspberry frappe was a little too sour but my mum loves sour foods so it was like heaven for her. The cafe mocha was served in a uniquely shaped cup but by the time I spotted it, I have already spoiled a certain portion of the latte art soooooo.... no photos. :/

Aha. Here comes the famous Dazzling Cafe's original honey toast! 

 I found it so amusing when the waitress asked if we would like to take photos of it before she helped us to cut up the toast. I was wondering, 1. How does she know that we have a habit of letting our cameras eat first 2. Why can't we cut up the toast ourselves.

Turns out that the toast had little slices of toasts within (toastception heh heh) and the waitress skillfully prepared the toast for us. That preparation took about 5 minutes, so I don't really quite advise you to eat this if you are in a mad rush. :/

Toast+Custard+Honey+Butter+with some raspberry ice cream on top = That's your toast! :)

 I found that the overall taste was truly enhanced by the custard cream. Without it the taste of the whole toast would be gone. The fragrant aroma of the custard in your mouth infused with the ice cream and crunchy toast is just heavenly. The strawberries were too sour though.

They also sell macarons at the cafe however the scattered brains mother-and-daughter pair left it in the refrigerator in our Taichung hotel and didn't remember to remove it when we checked out the next morning. By the time we realised we were already on the way to Cing Jing Farm so.... we never got a chance to try ANY of the macarons but I'm pretty sure macarons on a whole taste pretty good :)

I would go back to try the other different toasts at Dazzling Cafe (there's strawberry, chocolate, etc) when I have all the time in the world to do so. :)

Dazzling Cafe
Tel: 02-2731-7976
Hours: Mon - Wed/11.00am - 9.30pm
          Thu - Sat/11.00am - 10.00 pm
          Sun/ 11.00am - 9.30pm