2 Sept 2013

Musical Mondays feature: Lisa Mitchell

My first song heard from Lisa Mitchell was To The Wild. I can't really find the words to describe that song, as I would normally link my music to a certain scene in life. So for this song, I linked it to a certain video with sunlight shining in from cracks in the canopy layer of the forest, and a girl with a hipster headband is swinging on a makeshift swing on a tree.

Lisa Mitchell, 23,  is an English-born Australian singer-songwriter finished sixth in the 2006 season of Australian Idol. Up to now, she has 2 studio albums published, of which are "Wonder" and "Bless This Mess".

Actually I'm kinda in search of songs that I can use as background music in my future travel vlogs, and I found this song really apt for it! So I went to listen to more of her songs and here are some of my favourites from her!

Neapolitan Dreams
The soundtrack of this song is interestingly composed with the piano, and surprise-the xylophone, which adds a tinkly, floaty vibe to the song. I don't know whether you will consider this hipster, but I find the background singing of ''badadadadada" pretty hipster. This is the type of music I really enjoy listening to when I'm having a really good day, but would obviously skip it when nothing's going in my way on that day.

Incomplete Lullaby
This is the type of song I'll listen on those super long road trips while I'm overseas, driving through plains and plains of nothing or mountains and mountains of Twilight-ish pine trees.I think I'm growing old, or I'm an old soul, as I increasingly dislike metal or club music and I prefer songs that sound really vintage (?) I don't know.

Coin Laundry
Omg this song is so weird and creepy like Sadako but out of a washing machine but I don't know why the quirky chemicals within me enjoys the whole concept of the song and the music video. Definitely the most interesting song from her.

Bless This Mess
This is my favourite, together with Neapolitan Dreams. It's so old school yet the rhythm is progressive unlike those Lana Del Rey songs where it just seems like I'm going deeper and deeper into some black hole. She's dressed really Florence Welch-like in the video.

To The Wild
The first song I heard from her. It's mostly pleasant but I highly doubt I'll listen to this late at night as there's this part in the chorus where she goes really high and sings "you are freeeeeeeeeeee" eeeeeek. It's freaky because there seems to be this inconsistent backup voice behind her voice. And there's also this like ghastly voice that says ''you are freeee" at 2:24. But other than that I quite like it. :)

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