17 Oct 2013

Life Lately: Rocky Master and Chow Mein

My A's are just around 3 weeks away HOWEVER I have two posts cued to be released by tomorrow and another hopefully by the end of next week. Life of a blogger lolololololol sigh ok I'm actually quite stressed now but I haven't done anything today because of some very bad abdomen cramps this morning.

Cramps. I'm glad yet not glad to have them. Having cramps come along with your period means that you are not pregnant, neither are you having any issues with your hormones or reproductive system. However cramps are such a bitch, they halt my work for the whole day and leave me listless and slumped to my bean bag with a hot pack on my tummy. :( I can't drink my favourite yakult or cold juices, I'm forced to drink warm water and the sick tasting ginger tea :(

This week was spent on crazy 4 hour tuitions, spending lots of time at my new favourite cafe Rocky Master @ North Bridge Road, shopping at H&M after tuition, even more Rocky Master with my boyfriend on Tuesday, then tuition tuition tuition and then meeting my bros for dinner tomorrow night. My Urban Decay Shattered Face Case and Super Saturated Lip Colour has arrived at my address in America and currently I'm waiting till the end of the month to purchase some stuff from Forever 21 with my leftover money. Keeping my fingers crossed that a certain sweater doesn't go out of stock.

My favourite annoying youtube video after The Fox is now..... behold the CHINESE FOOD

Currently learning the lyrics to this song so that I can annoy everyone around me, in particular, my boyfriend. My favourite part in the video is when the panda bursts through the ceiling blasting off leaving a rainbow behind. Why am I not surprised that this video is again, brought to us by the extremely notorious and infamous Ark Music Factory that created our favourite Fridaaaay by Rebecca Black? It's funny how they used the same rapper in Friday and Chinese Food. Can't wait for all the parodies by Barely Political, Bad Lip Reading and also the Kids React/Youtubers React.

I love fried rice I love noodles I love chow mein chow me-me-me-me-mein

Meh ok time to write a GP essay, have been promising my senior to write one for a really long time so that he can help me mark it. Can't wait for everything to be over so that I can concentrate on things that I enjoy doing!!!

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Stay hipsterrrific,
Ming Rui L.

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