30 May 2015

Hong Kong - Australia Dairy Co.

How can simple fare taste so good?????????????????? YOU WILL FIND YOUR ANSWER AT AUSTRALIA DAIRY CO. The four ratchets went to have it on a weekday at around 9.45 am? We did not have to wake up too early for it as we lived a station away, and the diner was really near to the MTR!

It would be more worth it to have the “早餐“ than the “快餐” as it is just HKD6 (~ SGD 1) more for a plate of toast and scrambled eggs. I was pretty dumb to give that a miss >.> Both the Macaroni and Ham Soup and the Scrambled Eggs + Toast are incredibly good for an uncostly price of HKD38 (bit more than SGD 6) where tea or coffee is also included in the package!

While you are there, do also try the Milk Custard steamed with Egg White (蛋白炖鲜奶). We had the cold one for HKD 26 (~ SGD 4). Pretty decent but you might want to just order one to share as the breakfast set is extremely filling.

When we left at close to 11am, there was a really long queue that went 3-4 shopfronts down the street, so do come early! And btw, Australia Dairy Co. does not really have a clean restroom so if you want a clean one, do visit the restroom in Macdonalds around 5-7 minutes walk from the diner! (no other blogger will be so kind to tell you where is the nearest cleanest toilet)

Australia Dairy Company
47 Parkes St
Hong Kong

0730 - 2330 from Mon-Wed, Fri-Sun, closed on Thursdays.

*exit at C2 from Jordan MTR

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