3 May 2016

6Snaps | Iphoneography April '16

02.04.16: NTU's Joint Dance Concert to support my fav manslut and my ADM freshie 
04.04.16: Almost died from this buffet because we went to Yumcha and ate prolly a four people share for two people........ Suffered a week from really bad indigestion after that. Don't ever try what I did friends, eat sparingly. The buffet was reaaaally good and worth it though, came up to $28 per person! :)
11.04.16: Because JJ fell sick and he didn't feel like eating anything else other than soup. Fun Fact: This portion is just nice for two!
15.04.16: Felt like I disappointed the heck out of my 선생님 because I messed up my speech presentation big time (it's too nerve-wrecking to speak in full Korean non-stop for 2 minutes without a script) But please still give me my A hehehe 고마워요 ^^
19/20.04.16: Oh the sweet, sweet joy of FINAL submissions (exceptionally sweeter because this is really the final before I fly for exchange) I'll really really miss being in Candice's class because she's not taking us for VC3/4 anymore in Year 3, and I'll be clearing Design in Motion on exchange and that's the only elective she teaches. She's so sweet and kind to all of us :'(
24.04.16: Because I need to reward myself to a good meal after sloggin' it out this Semester. This beef burger and "spicy" fries was REALLY good for its price, and also if I have my food without salt and pepper, it means this food is toodamngood.
30.04.16: I learnt today that it takes less effort to cycle from ECP to Marina Barrage, than to Changi Perimeter. And the view is also much better.

Aaahhhhh finally got down to doing this after procrastinating/being busy for 458353853 years. Decided to showcase my favourite shots taken via my iPhone for each month here because it is always better to see images in their full size glory than be restricted to 'dem Instagram dimensions.

Anyway, been really busy lately, actually not really, actually yes, working for my lecturer, waking up very early, but at the same time I've gotten down to finally booking my air tickets for exchange tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! YAS finally getting something done for exchange, so excited for it tbh.

Ok better clear my long backlog of photos all the way since JAPAN last year huehue im such a horrible travel blogger, better get my shit 2getha.


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