28 Jan 2017

Edinburgh Airbnb: Feline Lovin'

If you have been following my blog since the early days, you would know that I almost rarely do blog about the airbnbs that I reside in during my travels. However, I feel the need to share about my experience with Judith when Sheri and I visited Edinburgh in September! Because good things must share.

Sheri orientating herself with cats

I remember us planning a super last minute final pre-trip leg to Scotland right before school in Hertfordshire started. Making full use of our time here ain't it? All the hostels in Edinburgh didn't look like our kind of accomodation, so we decided to look to Airbnb. 

Since forever, I've been wanting to stay in an airbnb with pets roaming around freely. I mean, how cool is that?! Especially when I've always wanted pets since young. So when I chanced upon Judith's listing, I squealed out loud in office and immediately told Sheri, "Omg this place. We. Must. Get. It. Two cats, one for you, one for me."

Booked it, and two months later, we found ourselves in Edinburgh after a half-day train ride from Hatfield (where my exchange host university is). 

Monty loves his morning strolls by the kitchen sink

Check-in was fuss-free as Judith was so easy to reach via a call! We were ushered into a lovely bedroom with many maps and information of Edinburgh compiled neatly into a pocket file. Before we even realized, the two ragdoll cats secretly came into our room while we were unpacking and climbed onto our bed to greet us. They are named Duke and Monty (never asked why they are named that way but okay) (we kept calling Duke "Monty" and Monty "Duke" for the first day and it got a little confusing)

Aaaaahhhhhhhh omg they are so fluffy and fat I can dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

We absolutely love this Airbnb because of its location! The apartment is literally a 5 minutes stroll to Calton Hill, for a good birds eye view of Edinburgh City and Arthur's Seat! You could take a bus to the city centre. But the weather was good so we chose to walk everywhere. 

Not sure where Judith shops at, but we absolutely love her taste for everything: From the tea cups to the shower gels....... We just love how feminine the apartment looks. The entire house is so sweet-smelling and lovely. This is the first Airbnb that I've stayed in where I always couldn't wait to get back home at night (because I wanted more time to play with my temporary flatmates/fluffballs/flatfluffs (?)) (lol wot) 

Do note that I did not take many photos of the apartment itself as the apartment photos on Judith's apartment listing page are very accurate depictions of how the place looks like! If you're interested, you can click here to view the listing! I would say it is slightly higher than the average price of an airbnb, but for the company of two lovely cats and a safe abode for three nights, its really worth it!

I'll definitely be back one day to visit the two lovely kitties again :3

Stay Outruigeous!
Ming Rui


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