28 Nov 2013

We're going new directions

A LEVELS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donut mind my language but 
this was my exact sentiments after the invigilator said ''you guys may leave now"

Bad language and feelings towards the A Levels aside, it is now time for me to focus on building up my whole 'career' on social media block by block and to show this world what I've got! I could not wait to start on my vlogs even way before my A's ended... So I took some chances and filmed two scenes in my first vlog EVER to be posted on Youtube! 

Just a heads up, it will not be the usual "Hi this is my first vlog let me do an introduction of myself" kinda thing.... I feel that that should come later or it may not be needed as I'm a person who can't really be described easily.

I just went to Balmoral Plaza today after my exams with the boy to have waffles at Waffletown to relieve our secondary school days as both of our schools are near Balmoral... And we also went to check out the new Smith's Britain Fish & Chips! A food review/guide to eateries at Balmoral Plaza coming up next so please do check it out!

Gosh, I really have a million and one things to do before I leave Singapore. Transfer all the recent episodes of Running Man/WGM into my ipad mini, source for background music for my vlogs and download it into my ipod for further selection, rehearse for my church's christmas production and scan in all the scores into pdf so I do not have to bring my file along with me, finish filming my first vlog on Friday and the second by the time I reach Munich, edit Japan and Taiwan photos from my June trip o god I'm way too behind BUT I WILL TRY MY BEST FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a heads up on what's planned for you guys on my blog for the month of December!
- First vlog (Will be up by 17th Dec) 
- Inflight Beauty Routine and Essentials Video (Will be up by 18th Dec) + post
- Eastern Europe Trip Vlog Part 1 and the posts on the cities in that video
and maybe also a Christmas special video!!

I HAVE TO FLOOD MYSELF WITH ASSIGNMENTS SO THAT I WILL SPEND MY HOLIDAYS PRODUCTIVELY AND HAPPILY yes I have to do this. Ok time for me to start on my Balmoral Plaza eateries review nowwwww ciao guys see you on insta/twitter. Feel free to follow me! :)

Stay hipsterrrific,
Ming Rui L.

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