28 Nov 2013

Food Guide/Reviews on Balmoral Plaza Eateries

Waffletown USA

If you have been around the Bukit Timah vicinity for a significant period of time, you would probably have heard of Waffletown! My boy was craving for waffles last week so we decided to visit Waffletown! I mean like seriously. the first place I thought of was Waffletown for waffles. as its name suggests.

Though nothing out of the extraordinary, the waffles served there are something that's worth missing back from your school days, especially so if you were schooling around the Balmoral Plaza area. 

We ordered the Double Scoop Ice Cream Waffles (Raspberry and Rocky Road Chocolate Ice Cream) and Sausage & Egg Waffles for $5.80 and $4.80 each respectively.

The raspberry and rocky road chocolate ice creams complemented each other and the cream very well. That goes without saying that it tasted perfectly with the waffle. This is actually my first time trying their sweet waffle version and I am indeed impressed!

Previously, I tried the turkey ham and egg waffle three years back and was not that pleased with the ham especially. However, this time I did not regret choosing the sausages as they went so well with the egg and waffle! You gotta try eating all three of them at the same time and then you will see....the... magic. The only minus point is that I wished the eggs were more runny hehehe.

271 Bukit Timah Road 
#01-08 Balmoral Plaza 
Singapore 259708
Contact No.: +65 6836 6536

Smiths Authentic British Fish And Chips

I often pass Balmoral Plaza in my cab on the way home from town and would see the signboard of Smiths Fish & Chips! Finally I got a chance to try it today however it almost failed my expectations, sadly :/
We ordered the Small Cod & Chips ($14) to share, along with two side orders of curry sauce and baked beans ($2 each).

Well the cod fish was fine, I enjoyed it a lot with a brand new taste, thanks to a drizzle of vinegar, and tartar sauce which I had to pay an extra 20 cents for -.- The fries and the sides were the ones I had lots of issues with. I'm not sure if the fries were meant to be soggy but they were REALLY SOGGY. 

Pardon me, if the fries were meant to be soggy then I think british chippies aren't my kinda fries. But if they are not meant to be soggy then..................... hmm. The curry sauce was some pretty bland vegetable curry sauce and the baked beans tasted pretty stale. I was actually expecting baked beans made in the kitchen!

I'm still quite interested to try the other items on the menu, like the Haddock and Dory fish, however for the time being, that's enough chippies from Smiths.

271 Bukit Timah Road
#01-02 Balmoral Plaza
Singapore 259708
Contact No.: 6737 9313

Hello amigoes! I seek to have your kind understanding as this guide is yet to be completed. Me and my boy were both full after eating two waffles and a packet of fish & chips (v cui stomach space I know), hence there are only two eateries/diners in this list, but we will build on more before the end of December! :)

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