21 Apr 2014

Jara Petit Cheesecups





Cookies & Cream

(Pardon the substandard iPhone photos of these cheesecups that doesn't do it any justice because the boy took away my dslr for a whole weekend of event coverage so yes please bear with me! Well at least I'm showing you the unedited, raw form of us indulging in awesome desserts ^^)

Introducing my new favourite dessert away from the mainstream cupcakes: Cheesecups! They are slightly smaller than a cupcake and made of cheese instead of the usual flour, butter, eggs and sugar. The texture and Cheesecup base slightly reminds me of the No-bake Jelly Hearts I used to make when I had lots of time and cash on hand. However I don't know how but they made the cheese a little more fluffy and less tofu-like unlike the Jelly Heart.

All thanks to thesmartlocal.sg, I went into abject poverty this weekend after buying my second purchase from Jara Petit for a tea party for 3, but IT WAS SO WORTH IT. Their cheesecups are $3.30 for 1 and $27 for a box of 9. They do sell it in boxes of 3 for $9.50 too. 

Flavours offered: Classic, Blueberry, Lemon, Matcha, Banoffee, Cookies & Cream, Lavender, Durian, Strawberry
I had the classic, blueberry, banoffee, cookies & cream and lavender cheesecup before and out of all I think the Lavender cheesecup was the best, followed by the Blueberry flavoured one. I dislike durian so I made my friend Min finish that flavour up. 

Not sure why but I do not have a so-called comfort dessert as I enjoy sampling desserts that are made from "hipster" ingredients, like lavender and all the other funny berries/flowers. I'm not really a fan of the safe choices: Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate. I can tell you now my favourite ice-cream flavour is anything with raspberry in it. I just love raspberry. I raspberry all my ice-creams, if not I would not consider getting any ice-creams (unless there's another special flavour).

Hipster ice-cream eater.

Oh god I really side-tracked but anyway, I'm a great fan of lavender flavoured desserts, be it the Lavender flavoured ice-cream from Toa Payoh Creamier or Jara Petit's Lavender Cheesecups, I love it alllllllllllllllllll. But I felt the lavender really matched well with the cheese and makes the entire cheesecup even more fragrant in a non-sickening way. I mean, Lavender is used as a pot-pourri aka cupboard freshener so I doubt anyone can get sick of that scent yeah?

If you were wondering wha wha whaaaa izz "Banoffee", according to the website it is "Banana cheesecake with toffee sauce and a dollop of whipped cream" but I found that it looked and taste a little similar to Creme Brulee. The combination gives a really nice after-taste and this is the third flavour that I would recommend you to get after Lavender and Blueberry. 

My other friend Ying had the Lemon cheesecup and warning, the topping is pretty lemony aka sour. Min said that the Durian cheesecup was "soooooo gooooooood" she just went into food heaven and stopped eating anymore cheesecups after having the Matcha and decided that it was not as good as the Durian one.

Personal preferences I guess.

So well after summing it up I suppose my personal favourite would be the Lavender and Blueberry, Min's favourite would be the Durian and I think Ying enjoyed the Strawberry one. I really appreciated these cheesecups as they are not very ''gao'' and not too sweet except for the Classic flavoured one (which is just cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesy). However the downside is ITS PRICE, but you have to understand that cheese. is. not. cheap. And you have to pay more for good food that's totally deserving of its price!

Do support the friends Jia Hui and Cara ("Ja - ra") at:
Jara Petit Cheesecups
Dhoby Xchange

(Next to Just Acia, just keep walking down from Mr Bean straight, don't be lazy.)

Anyways in other news/updates,
I'm heading to Korea in close to 2 weeks time and...
MING IS HEADING TO UNI AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I really hope that I can use what I learn at school to bring this lifestyle blog to greater heights. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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