27 May 2014

Eat Well Travel Often

Travelling without parental supervision is weirdly therapeutic yet scary at the same time as you have to deal with journeying hiccups sometimes with a bunch of equally-as-inexperienced-travelling-without-parents friends or even alone.

I would describe those 16, or 15.5 days spent in Korea as time well spent to getting to know Korea better, and at the same time getting to know my trip buddies better. I mean like, when would you ever get a chance to stick to one another non-stop for more than two weeks, where you guys go everywhere together and live together under one roof in a really small apartment? Tolerating or accepting each other's hidden quirks (Min yelling at herself for her eye-makeup not showing) (Getting frightened by a clay-masked Ying) wasn't as easy as it seemed) but we still enjoyed each other's company very much.

Coincedentally, around the same time of our grad trip, this Korean reality show named "Roommate" started airing on tv and Min kinda influenced everyone in the house to "watch it YOU MUST WATCH IT". I would say if you put a hidden camera in every corner of our apartment OUR VERSION WOULD BE MORE INTERESTING, kinda, if you would like to see me every morning hanging wet clothes from the washing machine and boiling water WHILE brushing my teeth. But I'm pretty sure we cook better than Nana and Hong Soo Hyun as we made many many many different variants of Instant Ramyun with seaweed, eggs, cheese, sausages, bacons. I mean we even made french toast and miyeok-guk (seaweed soup) for breakfast on separate occasions. And I'm proud to declare we have all evolved into domestic goddesses after this trip, and for Min, she has evolved into a "gourmet ramyun" chef. Please do go to her if you want a good bowl of ramyun.

I guess we all learnt a thing or two, if not many things, about ourselves after this trip. I wouldn't call this no-parental-supervision trip my trip of a lifetime as I'm still too young to declare such things. However it would definitely be one of my trips of a lifetime. Thanks, you korean wannabes, Min and Ying.

OH AND I WOULD LIKE TO COMMENT ABOUT THE AWESOME ICE CREAM COOKIE-LIKE THINGIES me and liying shared on the SQ flight there. The idea is so good, we could just share out the fats like that. Ok random.

Posts on all of our random happenings and places we visited coming up in a jiffy! :)

Stay hipsterrrific,

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