5 Oct 2014

Slovenska Republika

Because its recess week and I'm very very free. These photos are from my Eastern Europe Trip last December with my momzas and looking at it just makes me miss travelling so so so so much. However, looking at the blue skies in the photos just makes me really happy as you rarely see skies this blue in Singapore. 

Anyways, for the trip's leg in Slovakia, we visited the Kostol Church, which is one of the rare few wooden churches in Europe (that is not in Scandinavia). Why wooden churches, you may ask? Wooden churches in Europe are commonly used for Christian (not Roman Catholic) churches as the Christians were oppressed in the past by the Roman Catholics. In order to stop/hinder the Christians from expanding their believer-count, the RCs listed down a whole string of rules and regulations for the Christians to build their churches. Of which, some of them I still remember are like "you must not use any nuts or bolts to build your church/the entrance of the church must not be placed right next to the main road/you are only given a limited time and budget to build the church" and e.t.c. 

All in all, being inside a wooden church just made me marvel at how God made everything possible as the rules are seriously........... how the heck are you going to build a church with so many rules binding you? And I love how the church is so ancient, the lock of the main door is SO HUGE (like the length of 3/4 of my face)

After Kostol Church, we took a drive to Banska Bystrica, a small Slovakia city (seriously there's nothing much there)... actually its the second biggest in Slovakia, with Bratislava being the biggest. What we did there was just to walk around, use the toilet and eat really good bread. :> 

We only spent a day in Slovakia and I think I should honestly head back one day to check out Bratislava and come up with puns all day long, like "Brb... being a BRAT(islava) right now". Ok please don't click the X button I beg you.

I finally got down to editing all my photos and Lightroom seriously makes things SO MUCH easier. So.... please do look forward to the photos from Poland next hehe. 

Stay Hipsterrrific,
Ming Rui

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