17 Oct 2014


That box of chocolate coated goodness on the left.......... I AM GOING BACK TO GET MORE

Sansoucci Palace, Potsdam

So now we are back in Germany and our first stop was at Potsdam, a few miles outside Berlin. Some of you may have heard of Potsdam from the historical Potsdam Conference during the Cold War period. The place prolly didn't mean much to me then... maybe just the historical bit would interest me. But right now if I looked back.... the Sansoucci Palace has pretty interesting columns/buttresses/pillars/not sure exactly what are those with the sculptures replacing the different corinthian/doric/ionic orders on the top OK ART HISTORY STUFF SORRY

But the only thing I remember was my lovely guide at Potsdam whose husband came to pick her up after work with their puppy. The dog was really huge but really really adorable though.

THERE IS REALLY NOTHING MUCH TO SAY ABOUT POTSDAM so just sit back and scroll through the photos guys.

Stay hipsterrrific (I have no idea how to derive anything hipster from this post)
Ming Rui

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