24 Nov 2014

Back in Berlin!

END OF FIRST SEM IN ADM! (that rhymes oddly) will do a post about that but first, let me carry on with my post thread on Berlin! God it has been almost a year since I returned from Eastern Europe but have no fear my inner wanderlust bugs, I'm leaving on another trip next week!

I visited Berlin once in 2011 and went to many many historical museums that mainly focused on the topic of the Cold War. Trust me, museums everyday were a killer, but I particularly enjoyed the Museum Island, specifically the Art Gallery.

Returned to the Berlin Wall only to find the famous mural of the two leaders kissing to be vandalised by homophobic imbeciles who didn't know the historical significance of the mural. It is extremely shitty to see someone's art get destroyed (especially having spent a sem in art school, making good art is NOT EASY!!)

Fast forward to my evening in Berlin: Went cray cray shopping and bought my first pair of Birkenstocks (limited edition ones at that too). It was initially supposed to be more pricey but the price tag marked a lower price for some reason. However, the salesperson decided to just sell it to me at the marked price!

A Must-Try when you're in Germany (if you have no dietary restrictions that is) is not pork knuckles, not all dat wursts and mule wine, but MC RIBS! It basically can't be found elsewhere except for Germany and it is a pork burger. Super tender meat, superb sauce to go with it, I just absolutely NEED to have it every time I'm in Germany (and I can eat it for every single meal till my mum tells me to stop it and choose something else)

I'm not sure why this post is typed in such a haphazard way but I guess it's because its 8PM and I haven't had dinner. Haha ok till next time!

Stay hipsterrrific,
Ming Rui.

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