8 Jun 2015


The best way to start your mornings in London if you're on the South of Thames is to head to Borough Market! When I visited the UK, I realized that weekends are largely market/picnic days for the Brits, and man do they love their markets as much as I enjoy them too! Please do note that Borough Market is closed on Sundays, so if you arranged to visit Borough on a Sunday, sucks to be you! :P 

Though the market is open every Monday to Saturday, Saturday is the peak day where all the stores will open for business. There are also live cooking demonstrations on Thursday, so if you wanna see some Jamie Oliver/Gordon Ramsey prodige chopping up lobsters with much swag, do come down on that day.

My favourite stall from the market would be Kappacasein - a stall cooking up some cheesy goodness at a corner of the food stall area at Borough Market. There are two types of food they sell: Potatoes with Raclette and Cheese Sandwich with a sprinkle of spring onions.

look. just look. BUBBLING CHEEEESE

they tilted the raclette down and used a butter knife to scrape a layer of cheese onto the potatoes

omg (thanks mao for being a hand model)

Both the potatoes and the sandwiches are £6 each (SGD12). Sounds really costly, but let me tell you, it is worth your EVERY. CENT. and every single space in your tummy. My advice would be to share it with a friend (not friends) as that's two sandwiches in 1 portion. My personal favourite would be the Cheese Sandwiches as I'm a huge fan of anything with onions and garlic (super unladylike but who cares) but please also do give the potatoes a try! I personally went back on another day just to have the cheese sandwiches for breakfast, but having two cheese sandwiches all to myself was a bit too much for me to handle. 

And by the way, do watch out for the dripping oil from the sandwiches. Not sure why there's oil but.. just watch out.

Next stall that was recommended to me is: Bread Ahead! They are famous for their vanilla custard buns! But do try the other flavours too as I'm pretty sure they'll be as good. It is around £2 for each, depending on the flavour you get! The vanilla custard buns are around palm-sized, and the vanilla custard filling not only fills the bun up but also fills you up, and make you feel all happy and sweet inside. :3

T'was the season for cherries and strawberries when I went! £2 for a 15x10x10 box of strawberries! Super worth it!

Never forget to end your trip to Borough Market by visiting Monmouth Coffee Company! (it is pronounced as mon.merth, not mon.mouth) Coffee in the UK is really affordable, ranging from around £2 to around £3-ish. I had to queue for my coffee at Monmouth, but surprisingly there were still seats! The cafe is famous for its Flat White, but too bad I didnt know how to appreciate it... should've ordered a mocha instead. What caught my attention was the array of jams and butter on the table in front of me while I sketched the afternoon away in the cafe. Apparently, if you pay a small sum of money, you can help yourself to those bread loaves on the table and sample the various jams they have! 

Borough Market is located right at the exit of London Bridge Station on the Northern Line (black line), NOT AT Borough Station. It is really convenient to access, and it is just a stone's throw away from London Bridge and the Southwark Cathedral (right next to it actually).

Alright, that's all I have for now about London. Sitting in the airport lounge now, jewing the free wifi and waiting for the gate to open. See you all in Copenhagen!


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