10 Jul 2015

The Nordic Nomad

Took the final break for this summer holidays in the Nordic states up North in Europe. We kicked off the journey in Denmark (taking a 12 hour flight from Singapore to Helsinki, then an hour more on the connecting flight to Copenhagen), following a cruise to Oslo, then coaching all the way to Stockholm, where we took a final cruise to Helsinki and concluded our holiday.

Admittedly I didn't have the best company on the trip (ok mum was a good company lah, but no one around my age hence ITS BORING???) but at least I was surrounded by the best scenery in Norway which I really loved. I secretly think that things in the country are expensive on purpose so as to deter tourists from coming to disrupt the nature there in Norway hehehehehehe…. which is good in a way. But it is seriously PAINFUL to shop in Norway, almost everything is overpriced. Mum was happy, as I was too put-off to buy anything from the shops.

Out of the 4 countries I had visited, I would rank Norway my favorite, followed by Sweden tied with Denmark, and lastly Finland. If you've been to Milford Sound in New Zealand, you could imagine Norway filled up with countless Milford Sounds. There is a different scenery awaiting you at every turn and bend, which makes the place even more magical.

There are many upcoming posts about Scandi that are cued, so stay tuned!

Ming Rui

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