25 Jul 2015

The Nordic Nomad: Submerged in København (Danish Photojournal I)

We're now at my second most favourite city out of all the cities I've visited in June in Scandinavia: Copenhagen!!!! I have no idea which is the best way to present this city in this post, but I've decided to just introduce to you guys all the places I've visited while I was there!

...in no order of importance as everywhere is very beautiful!

#1 - Rosenborg Castle

I was really sad that I could only spend 10 minutes walking around the beautiful garden in this palace. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT COPENHAGEN ON A TOUR GROUP, you will regret it. I'm only lucky that my tour guide offered us tons for free time in this city. But anyway, we didn't enter the palace premises and see the interior, but the gardens.... just so beautiful. The lush greenery with its flowers at full bloom just makes you want to lie there for hours, watching clouds and doing nothing. 

I was full on retard there because I was trying to explain to my mum how nice it is to lie down on the grass and all, but the rest of my tour group people were just like taking jump shots and all. And there I was, looking like a retard to them, plonking myself down on the grass and just lay there for 1 MINUTE looking at the sky. Ok 1 minute shall suffice for a packaged tour... But still, :(

#2 - Stroget

Remember to have some waffles while you're here!

Stroget is basically the main shopping street in Copenhagen. Starts off at the City Hall, and ends at Nyhavn (coming up later). Again, you must be crazy to want to have a shopping spree in any Scandinavian country because the prices there are MAD EXPENSIVE. However, there are a few affordable shops you can check out though: Tiger and Søstrene Grene. (as recommended by my dear friend, Cheryl, who's there for exchange!)

#3 - Paludan Bøger

This is where I found out beer is cheaper than coffee. Anyway, this is a quaint book cafe. Please beware of your bag while you're in there as apparently there have been sightings of pickpockets. Foodwise, it was pretty damn good! Had a.... I can't remember what I had but I believe it was a beef burger. Pretty damn expensive meal but I was bloated by the end of it. Costed me SGD $20++.

#4 - The Little Mermaid

I hate this place, it makes you feel like a bloody tourist. Oh wait, I am a tourist. But anyway it was just a horrendous sight seeing those PRC tourists trying to climb up the mermaid. Guys, no matter how hard you try you are just not gonna be the same as her ya.

But anyway if you really want to, just come here once, like prolly in the evening or something when there are lesser people. The vicinity of the Mermaid is good for post-dinner sunset strolls.

#5 - Amalienborg Palace

Come here to watch the changing of guards, and also watch how annoying PRC tourists try to pretend to be a Danish guard and march alongside them.

#6 - Copenhagen Opera House

I find it cool that you have to board a boat in order to get to the Copenhagen Opera House, however....... I doubt I would want to get on a boat in my pretty gown with makeup and hair all done on point. Imagine the wind blows...... and all of your $100 spent on dolling yourself up is gone with the wind. 

I have no idea where are all these places are as I was falling sick from travelling too much ..... bad tour group member. (random photos below)

#7 - Nyhavn (New Haven)

I would come back to this place again if I ever get to go on exchange in Europe, to sketch to club to do whatever. Or maybe just have some coffee by the canal. Absolutely love the rows of colourful houses, makes my mood better. Plus the weather was perfect during the days we were in Copenhagen, so it made the photos look even nicer. :) The shops here are mostly restaurants, gastrobars, bars and clubs. You can also board a boat ride to explore the various canals! For 90DKK if I'm not wrong. Thats about SGD 16.

#8 - Christiania

NOT A PLACE YOU VISIT WITH YOUR PARENTS/UPTIGHT FRIENDS. For the whole time my mum was just like "get out of here can we please get out of here its very dodgy". Basically, Christiania is a self-declared autonomous region where people there live however they want. And yes, you can smell weed in the air... Now I know how weed smells like. Weed is also being sold freely there. Photos are not allowed to be taken inside there. I find it really cute that they have a sign at the exit saying "You are now entering the EU".

Would definitely come back one day with some rabak friends.

#9 - The Coffee Collective

Labelled as the "Best Cafe in Copenhagen" and one of the top cafes in the world as its barista has won the World Barista Championships before. Though the cappucino I ordered was way too bitter to my liking, after adding around 3 sugar cubes..... it was PERFECT.

Copenhagen is best travelled around via bicycle as the buses and trains are way too expensive for you to commute around with for a week. Bike rentals are everywhere and the city is extremely bike friendly with bike lanes for both directions clearly demarcated on the side of the road.

Meanwhile, its time to speed-pack for hall camp!

Ming Rui

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