2 Jan 2014


The usual habit at the end of every year would be to list down a long list of new year resolutions. However at the end of last year, the days leading up to the new year were extremely tiring and occupying as I was busy with either trip planning, rehearsals, performances, gatherings or church activities almost everyday. The time that I had to myself was also mainly spent on watching my new favourite korean drama: Heirs.

Anyway back to my resolutions. So my resolution for 2014 is to have no resolutions

No resolutions doesn't mean leading an aimless life, to me it means to be not bound by any goals or what not but to do whatever I want freely. But I guess my biggest hope is to get into uni finally, and do something I like for the rest of my life. 

Fine, I shall give myself a resolution then, it's to be happy and rejoice in the love that Christ blessed me with. Short and simple. Till next time guys! ^^

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