4 Feb 2014

Baking Tokyo Bananas!

Okay the cover photo of this post shows us using the bananas for a totally wrong purpose.

Hi guys! It has been a while since I last blogged about my life and here I am doing it now. The official Chinese New Year visiting season is just over and I'm supposed to be back at work yesterday. However, the flu bug in the family FINALLY bit me in the butt and I caught a serious flu on Saturday onwards and it was so bad the doc gave me two days break. Felt really rested after an extra two days of break, thank God.

My cousin and I being huge fans of Tokyo Bananas decided to joint forces and bake it following this recipe uploaded on Youtube!

Sorry for the low quality pictures as we can't possibly be shooting on a dslr while we are really busy!

The most important ingredient!!!!!!!!

Laying baking paper on the tray

Stirring the banana custard filling on the stove. We did not follow the instructions on the video and heated the filling over a saucepan with hot water instead :X IT STILL WORKED THOUGH.

This is how the Banana Custard Filling turned out.

 My cousin and I taking turns to beat the sponge cake batter.

And our batter is ready!

Me posing very very veRY VERY happily with our pretty sponge cake.

The spongy texture of the insides is exactly the texture of the original Tokyo Banana!

Filling in the filling. Does this caption even make grammatical sense?

More relatives arrived at my place and coincidentally we had to bake more sponge cake. (Extra help mehehe)

My Godaunt aka the super baker trying to save our final sponge cake (It turned out horribly)

The last sponge cake turned out horribly as we added too much flour and the flour wasn't fully mixed into the batter and there were still remaining flour bits left when we cut the sponge cake into half! :( Thus we could only make 8-10 successful Tokyo Bananas that afternoon and they were all snapped up before I could take a picture of them. But they turned out as what the product in the video looked like!

Overall, I found this recipe possible as there were some really successful Tokyo Bananas we made and the banana custard filling tasted really good, even on plain white bread! However in every recipe lies a challenge and the challenge to make this lies within the sponge cake. It's super hard to separate the layer from the baking paper and you'll have to use the right baking pan to make the cake. Aaaaaarghhhhhhhhh I still can't get over how the final cake turned out but at least everyone present at my place that day had a homemade Tokyo Banana to take home!

Would definitely keep this baking activity up as a family or more like cousin bonding activity in the future and invite more of my cousins down hehehehehe.

Thanks for the help^^

ITS THE YEAR OF THE UNICORNNNNNN (in my own imaginary, magical world).

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