29 May 2014

Seoul - Chef Guksu (셰프의 국수전)

On our second day in Seoul, we had nowhere planned for lunch. After walking through the roads and alleyways of the road leading up to Ewha Women University, we stumbled upon this restaurant which seemed to be highly raved by TV with like banners and all outside its shop and ta-dah, it was Chef's Guksu.

Well since it was highly raved by Korean TV, it should have some standards. Min was also craving for some soupy stuff, so we went in (we were the first customers for the day) and were ushered to our seats. We ordered the signature Chef's Guksu and also Mandoo Guksu. Guksu is a native Korean term for noodles or a noodle dish. Mandoo is the Korean version of dumplings or gyozas. It is HUGEASS. 

Since we weren't really that hungry, the three of us ordered two bowls of noodles and a potato croquette to share and man.... look at the size of the bowls.

I was such a huge fan of Chef's Guksu's soup! It went really well with every single ingredient in the soup (beansprouts, spring onion, odeon, egg, beef, noodlesduh). I don't really like it when soup bases seem heavy, like too much milk was added or something? But this was just right. Not too light on the texture but just right on the taste. I just kept drinking the soup until I was literally half full from soup...... UGH SO GOOD.

The Mandoo Guksu's noodles were peach coloured, but that doesn't mean it was made from peaches, no. I still have no idea what is it made of and none of us had good language abilities to ask the chef what is the noodles made of :/ However the soup for the mandoo guksu tasted more like instant noodle soup? :/ Especially with the beaten egg inside, it just makes it seem more like it. The only good thing there I thought was the mandoos I guess. I'm a fan of dumplings so any dumpling would taste good to me. 

The potato croquette was so so? I did not really like the sauce as it was too tomato-ish. It would be good if it had more spices inside though.

Chef's Guksu was 6000won, around SGD 8.

King Dumpling Guksu (Mandoo Guksu) was 6500won, which is around SGD 9.

They are also famous for their flame broiled sushi series, will be back to try that!

Overall, for such a huge portion of food, I think the price is really worth it. Though the food is pretty average, if you are looking for something filling yet you have a tight pursestrings, come to Chef's Guksu for a meal! Their branches are everywhere in Seoul :)

Chef's Guksu
Ewha Women's University Station Exit 3
Walk straight and turn right at the second alley.
Restaurant will be on your left.

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