19 Jul 2014

Mantis Green

Here I am, back in my room, sitting on the same old chair writing about camp at 3.55 a.m. with a Photoshop class at church tomorrow morning at 10, guess I'm trying to court death.

My good friends heard my rants and worries about how I was gonna go for FOC all afraid that I can't make friends because I'm so weird/retarded/quirky/socially-awkward/rumoured-to-be-ugly/physically inactive/sloth-ly and I was just, flooded with so much negative thoughts about entering a school (almost) alone, with the exception of a secondary schoolmate who's soon going to be my roommate.

But really, thank God for such a nice group whom I feel so comfortable with. Mantis is blessed beyond belief with good OGLs and super fun-loving and friendly people who totally love one another too much, we just hang out ALL THE TIME together playing 洗牛奶, Animal, the bangbangbangchibangtrrrrrrrcarbontit game or annoying the hell out of one another with Mind Games like JOHNNY WHOOSH (gosh I totally hated that) and doing some goofy dancing in one circle while everyone else is just clubbing madly at Bash Night. It just felt like I was in the Korean Variety show "Roommate" where all 14 of us shared a room (or computer lab to be exact) and accompanied with one another throughout the entire 120 hours together.

After spending a good 2 years of my life having my quirkiness/creativity doubted by everyone around me, I was suddenly ushered into a new realm where everyone around me just made me feel like it's totally okay to be artsy, it's totally okay to doodle on rough paper while listening to a pointless talk, it's totally okay to love Broadway musicals, burst into some random dramatic singing out of the blue, and accomplish things I never thought I would be able to really do (like creating a makeshift kimono and sewing it up within like, 5 minutes)

Thank you Monks/Mantis peeps for putting up with my awkward ''OKAY GUYS LETS TAKE A SELFIE" moments since I'm elected as "selfie-rep" (I'm pretty sure my friends will laugh at how cliche this would sound) and really inactive moments as my knees are seriously "passing away" and I can't really quite run around/jump around/roll around that fast. I'm truly blessed to have met all of you during FOC and you guys made me feel so welcomed into this new artsy committee no matter how inadequately I've been trained in this area (science stream geek moving into arts school is like whuuuuutareyoudoingwithyourlife). I enjoyed all the small talks and deep conversations I have with all of you during the camp, be it during meal times/commuting on public transports/waiting for our turn to bathe and sleep/whenever and whatever and all that name calling, what ''xia0b1tchzxc" "xia0liAnzxz""Public nuisance" "rich and famous" "I am pink colour" "Taeyang! Dance leh!" "Fake gong gong"

I hope that we can still meet up very often in school for coffee or lunch despite our-soon-to-be-crazy schedule and we will be able to stay bonded until we are old and wrinkly and I am looking forward to see you guys in my class!!!!! And one last thing,

I am not rich and famous. Hahahahaha

Stay hipsterrrific,
Ming Rui