24 Jul 2014

The Praguematic: A Photo Journal

Prague Castle

St Vitus Cathedral

Charles Bridge

Old Town Square

Dinner on top of a hill overlooking the old town

Holla at my Eastern Europe trippies (trippies actually make it sound like something real trippyyyyy), I have finally uploaded some europe photos on my blog. Hard to think that this trip has been over for more than half a year, but it just seemed like yesterday where we were all doing that whole long walk from the Castle District to the Palladium Shopping Mall nearby the Old Town Square.

I am absolutely in love with Prague, maybe because I wasn't one of those unlucky ones who got pickpocketed. It is such a romantic city with couples everywhere making you feel like you're forever alone if you are not here with your other half. I would say this, is indeed THE city exactly like it came from a fairytale book. All the castles, bridges, baroque-style architecture buildings and hot Czech princes, made me feel like I'm being whizzed into an alternate universe where everything is dreamy and good. I would say this is one of my top five favourite cities in Europe, with London being the first.

It was a pity that I only spent a day and a half in Prague, sigh, the disadvantages of joining a tour package. We started off the day with a really long walk from the Castle District, stopping by St Vitus Cathedral with its impressive gothic architecture and stunning glass paintings depicting the story of Jesus, running through grape vines surrounding the castle district, taking a short break to munch on potatoes-on-a-stick, crossing Charles Bridge, and where our legs almost gave up on us upon reaching the Old Town Square where we finally saw the famous Astronomical Clock. I stood under it trying real hard to figure out how it works but to no avail, so if any of my readers know how...... please do comment below and show the young padawan here the ways... of thy Astronomical Clock with all the stars.... and moons...... and constellations.....

Had lunch at Palladium and then we had so much time to spare around the Old Town Square. I absolutely adore heading to Europe in December as there are Christmas markets EVERYWHERE. So much good food and cute trinkets on sale.... my only regret was that I didn't have enough money to have a mug of Czech beer (well I heard that it was good) as Prague was the second last city I visited.

I will be back soon, but meanwhile, continue staying awesome Prague!

Ming Rui.