11 Jul 2014

The Wilderness Must Be Explored!

When my mum saw our itinerary and discovered we are heading to Seoul Forest, she flipped. I had to explain to her umpteen times (even up till NOW) that Seoul Forest is NOT exactly a forest. It is extremely safe for girls to explore on their own but, definitely not alone.... no one really goes there alone.

Seoul Forest is located at the edge of Han River, it's something like our Botanical Gardens, but picture Botanical Gardens next to East Coast Park. A lovely spot to picnic at, we definitely did not miss out the chance to bring our breakfast there to eat on a bright Tuesday morning. The flowers were all in full bloom and it was absolutely picturesque.

Actually, the main point of heading there is to teach Min how to ride a bike, and feed deers! Yes there are D E E R S, real deers in Seoul Forest at the Deer Coral, which is easily accessed by biking there. Bike rental fees in Korean parks are really affordable, like the one at Seoul Forest is 3000 won per hour for a single bike, and 6000 won an hour for tandem bikes.

The deer coral was.... smelly. But we put up with the stench of the bambis' poopies while letting them lick the hay pellets off our palms. There was a significant number of deers, around 10-15 of them were sighted and they were all very hungry bambis snatching the food from one another. Sometimes I wonder if they even get fed.... sigh.

After the deer coral, we cycled on, past the underpass below the expressway to the bike path next to the Han River and the view was spectacular. I'm definitely gonna rent a bike for at least 4 hours next time to slowly pedal around the river next time I'm back. Bike date anyone?

Though we failed half of our objective as Min eventually still did not learn how to ride a bike, we still had lots of fun there EVEN THOUGH WE WERE MELTING UNDER THE SUN. Seoul Forest can be easily accessed by Seoul Forest station on the Yellow Line via the Seoul Metro System. Please remember to turn right once you see the sign of Seoul Forest, the left entrance (which seems more convincing) actually leads you to somewhere else.

Leaving for my FOC next week, I am excited beyond belief yet scared to my wits for Fright Night as I heard my school is the best at it across all schools in NTU so I'm pretty much in for some permanent scarring/scaring (I hope not, really). Before I go pack, I hope to finish up another post on the Gangchon Railbikes so that you guys can get to feast on some good photos while I go have some crazy fun with my future schoolmates for the week. :) #admfoc2014 will be daeeebak.

Stay hipsterrrific,