3 Jun 2014

Gyeonggi-do - Zoo Coffee

It is not very obvious, but I am actually not a big fan of conventional cafe chains like Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Costa Coffee. Sadly, they are everywhere in Singapore and it is hard to avoid going into any one of them to kill time while waiting for a friend/parent. I do not really cafe hop while in Singapore as I am a hermit and by the time I feel like cafe-hopping, I'm too broke/lazy to do so.

Instead of cafe chains, I am a huge fan of interestingly themed cafes (except for dog cafes). For instance, this amusing Zoo Coffee that three of us chanced upon while searching for Hometown Kitchen. It is hard to miss Zoo Coffee as it is right in front of you once you have crossed the overhead bridge from Tanhyeon Station. The cafe entrance is on the ground level. Look for the cafe with a giraffe peering down at you.

Man, it's like a zoo inside there. I like how they mischievously painted a zebra's behind on one of the walls, like as if the zebra is deliberately hiding from you. They also do have animal stuffed toys and tumblers on sale but they were pretty pointless to bring back home so, no thank you.

Min and I had some fruit tea while Liying had her Kiwi smoothie which she said was really good. I swear they serve all kinds of funny drinks here in Korean cafes. Oh and we also had a delicious Camembert Cheese Cake which I would rate 4.5/5 yums.

The entire area was a hip cafe town and I would love to be back again someday to explore more of the Tanhyeon area. Sighpie wished I had more time.

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