5 Jun 2014

Hongdae Heat | A "Dae" for Hongdae

"Endorsed by the Borse"

As we visited Hongdae on a Saturday, there was a flea market (or Free Market as what Koreans call it) at the famous Hongdae Playground. I planned to go to the playground and play (deprived childhood deprived singaporeans) but something stank really badly around the playground that dissuaded me from going anywhere near it. I did a post on the Free Market though, click here for it ---> x

"Let's see how buff I am"

Spicy chicken stew for lunch that left all of us asking for bottles and bottles of iced water

We popped by Thanks Nature Cafe to check out the sheep. Will be doing a review on this place and its waffles when I head back to Seoul for a second time in June!


 a;t fox (click for review here)

Sunnyne Dog Cafe  (click for review here)

Finally, I have visited the hippie capital of Seoul, Hongdae. The place is literally like a maze and some say that's one of its charms (but I don't think so). However I guess the joys of visiting this place is discovering all of its hidden wonders and feeling good about yourself when you stumble upon a place without the use of maps. Min, Ying and I actually returned to Hongdae the day before we flew home to sing karaoke at Luxury Su Noraebang. The counter lady was so nice she gave us 35 minutes extra after us paying to sing for 2 hours. I guess it was in the morning and there were not many customers, so she gave us so much more extra time. With a free flow of drinks and ice cream, we paid 6,000 won per person to sing for 2 hours. Seriously KTVs in Singapore, you can go shut your company doors already.

I'm so happy to be heading back to Seoul in June (next week) and I'll be touring the less-touristy places in Korea and I would have two days to tour around free & easy with my mum. Of which, we will be spending a day in Bukchon/Garosu-gil and another in Edae(I need to go visit the 10,000 won bag shop uncle) and Hongdae to feed my Hello Kitty fanatic of a mother by visiting the Hello Kitty Cafe, Fell + Cole for Ice Cream, Thanks Nature Cafe for sheeps and waffles and Cafe Source for moffles!

Hope to be back with more good reviews and photos of the sights and sounds in Korea! Meanwhile, I shall continue with the rest of the posts for my graduation trip in May.

Stay hipsterrrific,

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