5 Jun 2014

Seoul - a;t fox

Have you ever heard of "Makeup Cafes"? Well, neither have I until I found out about a;t fox. This one-of-its-kind cafe is situated in one of those corner streets in the confusing maze of Hongdae or the area around Hongik University. However, for those of you who have visited the Coffee Prince No. 1 cafe, it is actually a few buildings down from a;t fox. 

There's actually nothing foxy about this cafe. "a;t" refers to "Afternoon Tea" and I don't know how does the fox come into the picture. This cafe serves pretty interesting teas and their dessert menu is specially planned to go with their teas. While waiting for your food to arrive/while eating/while waiting for your bill to come/while doing nothing, you can walk around and try out their makeup samples on the shelves. Some of the skincare products sold instore are made from the tea sold (they have the same scent). They have everything, from hand creams to lip crayons. But I highly do not recommend their lip crayons as their lasting power is as bad as smearing red coloured water on your lips and expecting it to stay throughout the whole day. 

We ordered the afternoon tea set which I think costs 19,000 won. We could choose two teas to go along with the set, so we chose the orange and purple tea. The "orange" tea is actually some Gyoolpy tea, and the "purple" tea is some Jasoyup tea. They have really funny tea names and I have no idea what's jasoyup tea but IT TASTES SO INTERESTING and it is actually better than any sort of tea that I ever tasted. I loved the after-taste and scent so much I went on to buy two tubes of jasoyup (whatever that is) hand cream and I was so upset that the cafe did not sell the jasoyup tea bags. If the bosses of a;t fox see this, PLEASE SELL JASOYUP TEA BAGS PLEASE I WOULD GLADLY PAY ANY PRICE.

Oh gosh look how much I sidetracked with the goodness of Jasoyup. Besides the afternoon tea set, we also ordered a fox mousse and matcha ice cream which Min and JJ (our awesome Korean friend whom we met up with) shared. They said that the ice cream was good, but I thought my fox mousse was better though. The purple layer in the mousse, I think, was jasoyup. 

If you would like to indulge in the goodness of Jasoyup and the amazing creations made from its existence, you may head to:

a;t fox

Hongik University Station Exit 8
Walk straight down till you see a roundabout, turn left and keep going straight down till you see a;t fox which will be on your right.

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