12 Jun 2014

Korean Student for (half) a day

Where Kim Soo Hyun shot his CF

The good thing about meeting up with friends overseas: You can crash their hall room. Okay just kidding, we did crash but didn't stay for long as we were really imposing on JJ's roommate. Before we visited JJ's school, we heard a lot from her, stuff like "My school is really pretty!" "Many celebrities come here to shoot stuff!" "Kim Soo Hyun shot a CF here before!" Like ok, Kim Soo Hyun, I'm pretty damn sure her school must be quite picturesque.

So we reached there.... and the entire campus looked very futuristic. There wasn't any beautiful grass patches, or forests for typical CFs (well I pictured KSH lying on a grassland shooting a CF) It was a pity we did not really tour her school thoroughly or get to crash any lectures as JJ had a class at 1p.m. I was quite surprised the school was almost empty, unlike schools in Singapore where there are just throngs and throngs of students hanging around campus. In Korea, you can't even see a single soul in the morning.

JJ also brought us to this beautiful corner in her school in front of some chapel where she has her Christian education classes. Omg the lecturers there are so cool, they even had a picnic in front of the chapel for lessons one day. So tempted to change my dream destination for exchange to Korea but NO NO I MUST KEEP TO MY UK DREAM.

We bade goodbye to her shortly after lunch before Ying and I headed to Bupyeong for some underground shopping mall damages. Goodbyes are pretty hard to say but I really really hope I can see this crazy korean princess super soon!

I'll be returning to Korea TO MO RROWWWWWW with my omma and I'll continue blogging from there. This time we are covering the entire Korea Peninsula in 7 days (kinda) with a local tour package. Pretty excited to meet people from other countries and I hope that my group will be biiiiiiig and filled with cool Brits mehehehe. Okay I better sleep now, gotta wake up at 4a.m. for my flight and its 1:25AM now.


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