3 Jun 2014

Rushing Waters | A Cheonggyecheon Photo Journal

After our failed plan to have a Heirs-themed food trail in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, we decided to leave our shopping in one of those lockers in the Metro Stations for 2,000 won (for unlimited time) and explore City Hall and Cheonggyechon. I'll cover City Hall hopefully in another post.

Apparently before 2009, no one really bothered coming to Cheonggyechon as it was just yet another stream/river. However after Super Junior filmed one of their music videos here, this place became a real hit with both locals and tourists. I don't know, I went there to run across the stream on those stepping stones, who cares about Kpop mv filming sites.

There is a huge "Unicorn horn" marking the start of Cheonggyechon according to Min, but it actually turned out to be a pink and blue coloured cowry shell. Oh well so much for unicorn horns. But nonetheless our time at Cheonggyechon was pretty magical. *_*

Before I went there, I told myself, "The best place to do that standing yoga stance is on the stepping stones at Cheonggyechon!" Like seriously, this standing yoga pose is kind of like my standard pose when I go travelling. I MUST DO IT EVERYTIME I SEE BIG STONES AND ROCKS. #quirky

And after muchamucha repeated tries and overcoming the fear of losing my balance and falling into the water,

We returned to Cheonggyechon on our 9th day in Seoul for a walk after a super filling dinner. Our starting point was at the Dongdaemun entrance/exit of the stream and we strolled for almost an hour to the head of the stream. That was more that 3km. The stepping stones in the vicinity were further apart and the stones were pretty uneven so it was quite hard to cross the river :/ 

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