5 Jun 2014

Seoul - Sunnyne Dog Cafe

We ended off our day in Hongdae at Sunnyne Dog Cafe, of which we would always miss out the n between the 'y' and 'e' and pronounce it as Sunny. Oh well. I have no idea what does Sunnyne mean, maybe it's just a nicer version of sunny. Back to the main plot of this post, what's a visit to South Korea without heading to one of those dog or cat cafes? However, if you are afraid of dogs or are allergic to fur/dogs, please do not head here as there are really many many dogs around compared to We Are The Furballs at East Coast which only has a few poochies running around trying to get treats from you.

We chanced upon this pet shop selling overpriced dog clothes below Sunnyne. I still don't understand why do dogs need clothes when some of them are probably happier in their birthday suits. Nonetheless, we all fell in love with these three (extremely yappy) cuties.

Shih-tzu that refuses to get cuddled by anyone.

As soon as we arrived, we saw the huge Great Dane peering out from the gate. It is so big-sized, it has to sit down on the couch. I think if it actually stands up on its hind legs, it would be as tall as Yao Ming or even taller. Insane. Once we walked through the gate, we would be ushered to sit on the bench (next to the Great Dane in the photo above) for the dogs to sniff us (and for Ying to shriek in fear). Thanks Ying for bearing with us the whole evening even though you are allergic to dog fur and scared of dogs. 

It is a must to order drinks here (just like the one in Singapore), so we had the cheapest Green Tea which costed us around 5,000 won. Anything goes actually, as we would normally concentrate on the dogs more than our tea.

There are probably around 20 dogs in this dog cafe. The Great Dane being the biggest dog, and the baby pomeranian in the photo below being the smallest. I carried it in my arms a few times and it is definitely lighter than my Macbook Air + casing.

"Stahpit human, can't you see I'm trying to sleep?"
"I want to give you kissy kissy"
"I got the eye of a..... retriever."
"I shall make this human a dog lady, I like her fat thighs."
"Let me lean on your thighs and I can sleep forevaaaaaaa"
And this was exactly what the German Shepherd wished for, I became a dog lady. (I couldn't even move and I really needed to pee but I was afraid of disturbing anyone of them)

JJ with the sausage dog that got really emotionally attached to her.
Let me tell you a story about what this little thingum I was holding in the photo above, did to me. I just came out of the washroom, hands all wet, and I have a really bad habit of wiping my hands on my pants to dry them. So I did. I carried this pup and it slept on my thighs for quite a while, and all of a sudden it started struggling when I was not even doing anything and then I decided to carry it and put it on the floor (so kind right). 

Then, I realized there was a huge puddle on my right leg at the thigh area. And I thought, ok my leggings are faux leather, they take quite long to dry. But then again, since when did I ever have so much water to wipe off from my hands? So I decided to use my finger to swipe the wet patch, and when i sniffed it (like a dog) 

THE DOG PEED ON ME. WHY DID IT EVEN DO THAT. MY PANTS ARE NOT YOUR PEE PAD/PEE PEN/PEE WHATNOTS. And so I, Ming Rui Lee, went back that night smelling a bit like a pee pad. It was a really traumatic and disturbing experience that no one NEEDS to go through. I used up a full pack of Dettol wet tissues trying to clean myself up at the dog cafe. So I guess this experience is close to having a bird shit on your head while walking under trees.

 When you are about to leave, remember to get the Golden Retriever to take your bill to the counter! This is a special service provided by this dog cafe and we witnessed it. It was SO AMAZING TO WITNESS.

 Pup seems to want something in JJ's bag, it bit onto it for a few minutes non-stop.

If you are a fan of pups, or enjoy watching how humans get controlled by dogs and not the other way round, please do visit Sunnyne Dog Cafe at:

Hongik University Station Exit 8
Walk straight till the intersection and head into the lane points in the North-west direction from where you area. Head straight and Sunnyne Dog Cafe would be on your right on the third level!


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