4 Jun 2014

Hongdae: Follow The Hippie Guide

Follow the hippie guide, wherever she goes.
And she walks
And she finds:
A malt candy "pancake"!
A cafe with sheep!
You'll never go wrong following the hippie,
Like c'mon, she leads you to Disneyland (Stylenanda).

This is kinda like a teaser to the Hongdae series of blog posts, I have at least three posts in the bag just waiting for me to tend to them. Finally maintained a strict series of portrait photos for this blog post, I'm pretty pleased with myself but I really dislike the idea of maintaining the same type of photos (e.g all landscape, all portrait, no mixes) for my blog posts so this shall be an anomaly.

Stay tuned for more!

Keep up the hipster-ness,

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